If this was your ultimate road trip..?

Life is short, roads are choked and the petrol is running out. The internal combustion engine is gasping into its third human century and the creators are turning hostile. When our grandchildren have reached our age, they will view it as a museum piece. As they glide about the planet in near-silence, emitting drops of pure mineral water and a whiff of pot-pourri, they will wonder why their primitive ancestors took so long to kick their dirty habit. Such is evolution. 

To the pure, all things are pure, say we. Pure passion - pure adrenaline - pure petromania. If you love driving, love road trips, love cars loud 'n naughty, now is the time to get out and drive. You don't need a supercar to feel the tar beneath your tires or the octane in your veins; a raggedy hot hatch or your Mum's old roadster will do. What you need is a mission. A destination. A vision. And some appropriate company. 

Welcome to THE LAST BLAST. We're ready to ride. Are you?

#Don't Dream - Drive

NEXT TRIP: 11-15 September 2019 Angouleme Circuit des Remparts

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@ Le Rustic, Excideuil 24160 from 10:00

Bring cars, friends and sunshine - see you there!

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Or call: +44 (0)7765 327775

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