If this was your ultimate road trip..?

Life is short, roads are choked and the petrol is running out. The internal combustion engine gasps into last orders like a soak in a soda bar while its creators turn hostile. When our grandchildren are our age, it will be a museum piece. As they glide about the planet in near-silence, emitting drops of mineral water and a smell of pot-pourri, they'll wonder why their primitive ancestors took so long to kick such a dirty habit. Such is evolution. 

To the pure, all things are pure, say we. Pure passion - pure adrenaline - pure petromania. If you love driving, love road trips, love cars loud 'n naughty, NOW is the time to get out and drive. You don't need a supercar to feel the tar beneath your tires or the octane in your veins; a raggedy hot hatch or your Mum's old roadster will do. What you need is a mission. A destination. A vision. Clear roads. And good company. 

Welcome to THE LAST BLAST. We're ready to ride. Are you?

#Don't Dream - Drive

NEXT TRIP: POSTPONED! Consult your virologist  for dates. It was supposed to be this month, let's hope September or soon after. Please get in touch to register if you'd be interested.


€650/car (x2 people)

See "NEXT TOUR" page for details

For info, contact:


Or call: +44 (0)7765 327775

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