Let's Roadtrip, Before It's Gone

My name's Jason and I'm a petrolhead.


My first car was a Jaguar - a white XJ-S with a half-peeled transfer of 'The Saint' on the bonnet. I was 2 years-old. 

When I was 7, my Dad taught me to drive (a Mini). One week later, I taught myself to crash (sorry Mini). I was hooked.

Probably like you, since an early age I've been obsessed by these wonderful, dangerous inventions. Like you, I've had good cars, terrible cars, great drives and mishaps. I've ridden bicycles, walked up mountains, sat around camp fires and mastered Kung Fu. (Almost) But the car addiction always returns. 

The only constant, said a wise man from BP (Before Petrol), is change. Rose-tinted shades aside, motoring today is not what it was. Probably like you, I've been more frustrated than thrilled by life on our roads in the 21st Century. There's too much traffic, too many roadworks, too much passive policing in the name of safety where the real agenda is revenue collection. 

And the petrol is running out.

Now. I'm all for leaving our children a cleaner planet. I applaud the technological advances that mean we'll soon be able to cross a continent on a gust of wind and a thimble of liquid bio-science. And, as some of the new-generation creations have proved, the future doesn't have to be dull.

BUT. I like my carbon-quaffing dinosaur. I don't use it every day, and I feel that while we may all be contributing to the present 'carbon crisis' and need to be mindful of our foot- and tire-prints, the weekend motoring enthusiast is not perhaps the greatest villain of the piece. If I could afford a hybrid/electric supercar, perhaps I'd buy one and enjoy 200+ mph with a clear conscience. Perhaps. But I can't. So I did the next best thing.

I quit the day-job. I moved to one of the least densely populated areas in Western Europe. I bought the best dream car I could without ruining my marriage. And I set up The Last Blast.

The mission is simple: to connect car-mad, roadtrip-loving drivers and their machines with the finest driving roads in Europe. From our hub in deepest Dordogne, we gallantly set out to experience the sounds, sights and sensations that first prompted our pioneering forebears to sit atop a magical metal box of explosive fuel-air mixture. We love castles, culture, barbecues, booze, music, guitars, meditation, laughter and all kinds of frivolity. The main thing we do is DRIVE.

Like it's your last journey.

Your last tank of fuel.

Your last day on Earth.

We drive.

See our DRIVE page for info. Look forward to tripping with you.


#Don't Dream - Drive