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The Last Blast is based in South-West France - by most current standards a driving paradise: glorious roads, stunning scenery, lightly trafficked and a clement climate (mostly), it's a throwback to how motoring was in the golden era of the 50's and 60's (ask Dad). 

We've selflessly invested days and weeks into exploring this motoring nirvana, charting some of the most thrilling driving roads in Europe. Having lived the best part of two decades between Italy and France, we know the finest highways and byways for the ultimate in Gran Turismo. Whichever trip you join us on, it'll be lifetime memorable - worthy of the moniker "Last Blast". Here are some regular tasters:


Lovers of one of the world's most legendary and elusive marques, 20th Century industrialists the Brothers Schlumpf collected an enormous collection of Ettore's finest in their factory warehouse in Mulhouse. In the 70's, a staff revolution saw the collection open to the public. 2 Royales, several type 57 Atalantes and a host of other Bugs + other marques make this a must-visit for any lover of things automotive.

The Nurburgring needs no introduction. It does need visiting to appreciate, however. One hot lap is included in the price - how visceral the experience is up to you, and your right foot.

For full details & pricing see the TOUR page.


Itinerary: Le Mans - Dordogne - Millau - Route Napoleon - Alps - Maranello - Lucca & Florence: from €1250

From rural French bliss to Baroque Italian opulence - and the curves in-between...

Take a week off work/retirement/college/who cares? - it's The Last Blast and you're a self-made billionnaire. Check your favourite four-wheeled companion is in good health - tires, pads, fresh oil, new coilovers, silly exhaust - and grab a companion if you wish to share the journey. It doesn't matter what you drive, as long as you love driving it. Our particular thing is 'Modern-Classics' - cars from the '80s, '90s and Noughties - but we'd also settle for any Bugatti between 1919 and 2019. We DO suggest that your chosen thoroughbred is able to 'keep up with modern traffic'. As a general rule, if it's happy to cruise at 70-80mph (c.110-130kph) you'll be fine. Any concerns, please let us know in advance.

Your first assignment: arrive at our French retreat the evening before the tour. We are near the beautiful chateau town of Hautefort in Dordogne:

How you get here is up to you. You might take it easy over a couple of days - a 'pre-road trip' road trip - discovering new areas and vistas in preparation for the main event. Let us know, we can help you with your itinerary. Or, you could take a night ferry from UK's south coast and whizz down in a coffee & croissant fuelled fury. (Friends in an Audi RS6 Plus have got to our door from Dieppe in just over 5 hours. Don't tell the gendarmes.)

Mellow or wired, we'll have dinner and comfy beds waiting. You'll meet your fellow free-drivers and receive a briefing on the days ahead. We'll then spend a couple of days driving some of the world's most sublime tarmac in the company of fellow car-addicts, guided and looked out for by The Last Blast team and enjoying all the extra treats (chateaux, countryside, food & fine wine etc) this part of France offers.

Suitably warmed into continental driving habits, day 3 is departure for Italy. This is a journey we've done countless times - we're going to show you the fun way. Our route takes in the incredible Millau Viaduct, the incomparable Route Napoleon, breathtaking Alpine passes (season dependent - it's tedious digging classic sportscars out of snowdrifts, we've done it) and through the sinuous high roads of Northern Italy. We shall of course remember to make our pilgrimage to Maranello on the way. 

At the end of day 4 we arrive at our Italian destination: our own private villa in the hills above Lucca in Tuscany. From here we will explore some amazing roads and towns, including Lucca and Florence, while enjoying luxurious accommodation and dining.  A grand finale dinner at the end of day 6 rounds off the mission. After apposite coffee intake the following morning we bid you au revoir, arriverderci and you head back to the world of traffic and parking fines. Or your secret superhero's lair in the Swiss Alps.

The next Italian Job dates are tbc so watch this space. Autumn 2020 is likely & places are strictly limited to a max of 10 cars to ensure an exclusive and intimate vibe and avoid 30mph road chains. All accommodation (x7 nights), breakfasts, aperitifs, final night Last Blast dinner and tickets to Maranello and/or other motoring attractions/chateaux are included. Ditto welcome packs, trip walkie-talkies, roadmaps/journey apps. Petrol, tolls, lunches, dinners (except final night) extra caffeine and channel crossings (if applicable) are on you.

Price: €1250 for car & driver. + €500 per co-pilot/passenger.


An annual September event, the classic city racing in this beautiful medieval town in SW France is hard to beat. Relaxed and informal, with amazing historic racing over the weekend, the vibe is cool, chic and retro, without the heavy branding. Famous racers - machine and persons both - are always on hand. One of the most fun experiences is being able to chat with owners of eg: a multi-million classic Bugatti where they've casually parked up outside a funky bar for some running adjustments and a brew.

Around the weekend, we visit other stunning locations of the region, reached by some of the most amazing and uncluttered tarmac left in Europe.


For further info on any tours, please check the TOUR page or contact us by email at: 

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